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What We Lost In 2020

Bringing our children up to developmental and literacy standards!

The Book Affair Inc.

Awards Gala and Book & Business Expo

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2024 Registration Is Now Open

We're excited to announce that this year's theme revolves around the critical developmental and literacy standards that have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us for an enlightening experience as educators and leaders in the field share insights on how to guide our children not only to meet but surpass these standards. Be prepared to gain valuable perspectives on overcoming challenges and fostering growth in the ever-evolving landscape of education.

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The Book Affair INC is Liberation’s Publishing’s 501c3 whose mission is to cultivate an environment that nurtures authors' growth and creativity by promoting networking, storytelling, and education.

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The Book Affair INC

The Book Affair iNC is not just any expo—it's an experience! We're driven to weave together a vibrant tapestry of authors, publishers, entrepreneurs, and more. The event unfurls with an awards gala, an exposition blending books and businesses, all set against a backdrop of enthralling entertainment and live music. Our mission is twofold: to champion authors from every background and genre, creating a space where they can narrate their tales and engage with keen readers, and to offer a platform for business owners to unveil novel products and captivate potential clients. Whether you're an author seeking a stage, a publisher yearning for festivity, or a reader on the quest for your next cherished book, The Book Affair iNC beckons. Proudly serving as a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

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Keynote Speaker!

Dr. Latracey

     In a culture committed to constant change, the concept of owning one’s personal story can be seen as a lost art. Aiding others in the vast importance of this value; is the creative guru, Dr. LaTracey.

     Dr. LaTracey is a publisher, cleric, amalgamated entrepreneur, and CEO, Founder, and Originator of Black Authors Rock, full-service coaching, consulting, publishing firm, online community, as well as bookstore owner for aspiring writers and authors. Having owned a portfolio of reputable success, numerous best-sellers, and the establishment and publishing of more than 65 authors, Dr. LaTracey has become one of the most trusted consultants in the nation.

     Her mantra is clear: Her eagerness to see others excel, ignites the fire within her to progress. This resilience fuels her to assist her clients in accomplishing their goals and maintaining their success, of their own.

     Dr. LaTracey combines her passion for people, with sincere regard for education, humanitarianism, and creative entrepreneurship. Dr. LaTracey has earned a Masters in Nonprofit Management and Executive Leadership, from St. Thomas University, and has obtained an Honorary Doctorate of Humanitarianism, from Global International Alliance.

     Understanding the need for servitude and spiritual soundness, as quintessential; Dr. LaTracey is an ordained minister, on a daily mission to encourage humanity to walk in their purpose, delightfully. She has been recognized for her local and national contributions to society; including being named as one of the 2021 Successful Women to know, Nominated for Publisher and Author of the Year, recipient of proclamations, Presidential Lifetime Achievement and many more. She currently has two bookstores located in Biloxi, MS and Madison, AL as well as Founded the B.A.R.Arts Collective. These deeds signal the mark of a woman, determined to both serve and succeed.

     When Dr. Latracey is not out guiding other authors into the business of books and purpose, she is an asset to her local communal body, a mother, and a loving member of her family and friendship circles.

Dr. LaTracey. Leader. Organizer. Philanthropist.

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Stage Time

Taking center stage at the Expo offers you an unmatched chance to share your narrative and business with a massive audience. Step up, speak out, and captivate listeners by connecting with them on a personal level. Inspire with your message and forge potent ties. Leave an indelible mark and elevate your journey to unparalleled heights. Dare to be in the limelight – book your 20-minute spotlight on stage now!

Gasner the Artist

Performing at our Gala on Friday Night

and the GazChambr Band

Performing at our awards Gala Friday October 13th is Gasner the Artist and The GasChambr Band! The singer, songwriter, and producer known as “Gasner the Artist” has been proudly released independently with Support from Belak Records. Gasner is more than just an up-and-coming talent, he’s also a musician at the forefront of his Country, soulful yet melodic twang. Gasner The Artist makes a grand display of an indomitable mix of Country and R&B on his newest showpiece, “Pretty Brown Eyes.” With great certainty, we can definitely say you’ve never heard anything like it. While defined as Alternative Country on the streaming platforms, Pretty Brown Eyes lionizes the use of mainstream R&B elements and a vocal approach on top of the ever- so-classic acoustic guitar. You know Gasner The Artist has utterly defied. Country when you hear that "Brrr". This sounds so polarizing and equally invigorating, it just begs for further persuasion.

Gasner has written, produced, and co-produced for artists such as: R Kelly, Keith Sweat, Joe, Life Jennings, Keshia Cole, Fifty Cent and The Barkays. Gasner also pursued a publishing deal with Zomba and Jive. He also had a production deal with Sony Music and a recording deal with Jive records. Gasner has embarked on a new journey with a Legendary Country artist “Brady Seals.” Brady is best known for his 6-year tenure in Little Texas. Brady Seals has co-written 3 Consecutive number one hits "What Might Have Been", "God Blessed Texas", "My Love" and 2 Grammy nominations. Gasner and Brady Seals, has co-written and produced some Grammy smashing sounds on Gasner’s new country album.

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