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I was running from my calling?!

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

I recently spoke with a radio personality named, Robear, and I shared with him my motivation for starting Liberation's Publishing. I told him how God had given me the idea, in 2006,but I told him no. I went on to tell Robear how after publishing with another company and becoming grossly unsatisfied I went back to the drawing board that God had given me. Robear went on to tell me how I was "Running from my calling."

OMG, I had never really looked at my company that way until those words came out of Robear's mouth. I knew my company was God given, yet had never seen it as the thing I would do in the earth to take care of the souls God had placed in my charge. I have been charged with the gift of helping authors record their life's work. I am so so blessed!

My words to you today is, stop running! Go ahead and put those words on paper and leave a legacy. You never know where they will take you!

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