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Why Liberation's Publishing Celebrates Its Author!

When we sit down with an author for an initial consult, the first thing we hear is, “It’s not a big book, and I don’t expect to make money just get my book out.” We immediately respond, “There are no small things in the publishing world.” You see, whenever you put words to paper and distribute them to the world you immortalize yourself. Look at that! You and your thoughts are now immortal.

By celebrating our authors, we give them an opportunity to be in a room full of their peers, not people who are overly critical and lack understanding. But people who are excited and hopeful about what they have brought into the world. Once you meet people who think like you and share the same ideas, some way you start to validate yourself. You start to see yourself in ways you never have before.

So, “A Book Affair Weekend” is our way of bringing that inspiration to our authors. Our Editor in Chief, Nicole Mangum, was in their very shoes not too long ago. She understands that encouragement and opportunity go a long way. Giving back is her way of keeping the balance of success flowing into her life and the lives of others.

At Liberation’s we have our authors in mind all of the time!

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